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Enchantment Theatre Company presents
Peter Rabbit Tales

Beatrix Potter’s Childhood Classics
7Z6A3538Meet Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny, Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters, as they escape from Mr. McGregor, outfox Mr. Tod and rescue the Flopsy Bunnies from the disagreeable badger, Tommy Brock. When Benjamin Bunny’s children disappear, he goes to his cousin, Peter Rabbit, to help him find the bunnies. But Peter thinks he’s had quite enough of adventure, remembering his youthful escapades in Mr. McGregor’s garden. As the cousins reminisce about their past adventure, their friends gather to encourage Peter on this one last quest. Using fantastic masks, whimsical puppets, gorgeous scenery and original music, Enchantment Theatre Company brings the magical, marvelous world of Peter Rabbit to life on stage.

Enchantment Theatre Company has been guided by a mission to create original theater for young audiences and families for more than 35 years. The company’s
style of performance, which incorporates expressive masks, life-sized puppets, magical illusion, music, movement, and pantomime, is accessible to all children and encourages everyone—regardless of age and language barriers—to explore creative worlds, awaken imaginations, and engage with others in the joy of a live theatrical production.

The Winona Public Library will host a FREE gathering for Peter Rabbit Tales on Nov. 7. Learn more »

This presentation of Peter Rabbit Tales is made possible by the generous support of Winona National Bank.

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