Photographs by Evelyn Trulen

springApril 3 – May 1
Ben Miller Lobby

Artist Statement:
My first camera was a small Barbie film camera when I was six years old. I took pictures of my favorite toys and my family cat. I am now 24 and I have a Nikon D7000 and I still take way too many pictures of my cats. As I grew older my passion for photography only grew stronger. I studied photography briefly at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Winona State University. As I furthered in my career being published and displayed made my drive to continue greater. My photography has always been an outlet for me to express myself. To show the world what I see and convey my emotions through my photography, things that don’t come easily to me otherwise. In my photography I like to capture moments that speak to me, giving me a taste of something spectacular. I want to convey a sense of being in my photography. I want my photography to communicate and take the viewers someplace new or help evoke an emotional response that is their own.

In my landscapes, portraits, and urban photography I try to capture feelings and snapshots of time. In my photography I look for images that can communicate with the viewer and give them their own experience while looking at it, an image that creates a dialogue for the viewer.

womanMacro photography became an obsession of mine trying to make the ordinary, extraordinary. I love the challenge of seeing something in a new way and focusing on small details rather then as a whole. I find great beauty in the small details that are often overlooked.

My bipolar exhibit is a very personal exposé on what goes on inside me. I began this project as I was floundering to communicate the struggles I felt on a daily basis. As my emotions raged and swung from one extreme to the next I started to document what I was experiencing. I continue to add to my collection as a way to journal my way through bipolar and the struggles it creates.


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